Who We Are

The NEOS team of visionary professionals is what sets us apart. Driven by deep industry expertise, we respond to constant innovation and disruption to deliver a measurable return on investment. Our tailored approach accelerates your successful future by guiding results through strategic planning, focused oversight, and industry-standard frameworks and methodologies, all while practising ethically and with integrity.

Dean White1

Dean S. White

President & Managing Partner
David Sharashenidze1

David S. Victor

Managing Partner
Picture1 (1)

George Karagutoff

Marc Levesque 2

Marc Levesque

Cybersecurity & Digital Transformation
Luis Pinho De Aguiar2

Luis Pinho de Aguiar

Business Transformation
Rami Faour2

Rami Faour

Energy Management & Sustainability
Group 623

Margarita Ilina

Finance & Operations
Brian Daw

Brian Daw

Water & Wastewater
Franck Eibisch

Frank Eibisch

Waste Management & Bioenergy
Fidan Pic

Fidan Aliu

Revenue Protection & Internal Control
Mamuka Kikalishvili

Mamuka Kikalishvili

Loss Reduction & Performance Improvement
David Jalili

David Jalili

Strategy & Organization
Marijan Ban1

Marijan Ban

Renewable Energy
Nick Skinner

Nick Skinner

Environmental Management
Jonathan Walters

Johnathan Walters





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