Sustainable practices not only protect and preserve our natural resources and ecosystem for future generations but also improve quality of life. By assessing and identifying risk exposure, sustainability strategies can be developed to ensure organizations meet recognized global sustainability standards and protocols.

NEOS can help by providing tailored, practical, and innovative advice that safeguards the environment while ensuring organizational business performance thrives.


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Clean Energy

Future Ready Communities

As societies and technologies advance, so do energy consumption patterns. With evolving government regulations and shifting principles in the energy sector, there's a growing emphasis on incorporating energy efficiency strategies into current and future energy business models. Concurrently, government rules and regulations and the principles that drive the energy business have also transformed. To transition towards a collective energy future, current or future energy business models should include but not be limited to self-sufficiency over trade while incorporating new technologies.

NEOS can help by providing Energy Mix & Efficiency Strategies, Electrification Planning, Smart Grid & Energy Storage Planning, Policy & Regulation Development, and Net Zero Roadmaps.


Renewables & Decarbonization

As the importance of renewables continues to grow worldwide, countries continue to identify and establish high renewable targets linked to their objectives for Decarbonization. With this trend towards decarbonization, governments are at different stages of their journeys, with some better prepared than others.

NEOS can help by providing specialized decarbonization services expertise to support governments and regulators in balancing oversight and incentive, provide support to renewable project developers, and provide support in creating and implementing decarbonization strategies.

Circular Ecosystems

Circular Ecosystems

Today, climatic, social, demographic, and economic changes have put increased pressure on natural resources, inextricably linking it to the ever-growing global demand for food, water, and energy and the upsurge in waste. This water-food-energy-waste nexus threatens the well-being of the ecosystems that we rely upon. Only by better valuing and responsibly managing our natural resources can we shift towards a more sustainable future.

NEOS is poised to lead this charge by crafting innovative circular economy strategies and developing business cases to foster fully circular production. This includes discovering opportunities on how best to minimize energy use for water production, how to use waste to produce energy, how to use water efficiently to produce food, how to use food waste to create energy and more.

Environmental Social

Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Since sustainability creates both opportunities and hazards, NEOS’ approach to ESG aims to produce consistent financial gains while supporting the private equity sector and other investors. We believe in the necessity of tailoring our services to advance our clients’ sustainability/ESG journeys and the production of long-term sustainable value.

NEOS can help by offering ESG integration and sustainability reporting services and providing technology and advisory solutions, including policies and procedures, screening and due diligence, disclosures and reporting, inquiries, value generation, and monitoring.

With our expertise and tailored solutions, NEOS Advisory empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of ESG integration and environmental sustainability, driving positive impact and delivering sustainable value over the long term.


Life Cycle Analysis

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

LCA provides a complete view of the product or process and an accurate image of the true environmental trade-offs inherent in choices and product selections by examining impacts across the product life cycle.

NEOS can help by providing advisory services based on the eco-design and life cycle assessment (LCA) methodologies. No matter your experience in the environmental sector or the size of your organization, NEOS services can be customized to meet your requirements.

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