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May 18, 2023 | Energy Future & Transition
Accelerating Towards the Future: The Rise of E-Mobility in the United Arab Emirates
Over the next 10-20 years, the UAE's mobility landscape is likely to transform significantly, with a focus on autonomous vehicles, public transport expansion, electric vehicles, cutting-edge transportation technologies, shared mobility services, smart cities, and sustainability: Autonomous Vehicl...
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April 19, 2023 | Renewables & Decarbonization
Unlocking the Potential of Carbon Offsets in the Global Warming Battle
There are two leading carbon trading or carbon offset mechanisms: The EU ETS (European Union Emissions Trading System) is a mandatory cap-and-trade system established by the European Union to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from industrial and energy sectors cost-effectively. The system limits th...
September 27, 2022 | Energy Future & Transition
Global Green Light on Hydrogen
While the debate on the viability of #hydrogen as the next global energy source remains, many nations have passed the deliberation stage and are setting down the foundation stones to make it happen – particularly in Africa and the GCC. However, large expenditures involved in developing production...
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